A downloadable experience for Windows

Keyboard/Controller Controls:

    • Keyboard Left Arrow/Right Arrow
    • Gamepad Left Stick X-Axis
    • Gamepad Right Stick X-Axis
    • Gamepad D-Pad Left/Right
    • Gamepad Left Trigger/Right Trigger
    • Gamepad Left Bumper/Right Bumper
    • Keybord Esc
    • Gamepad B Button
    • Gamepad Back Button
    • Gamepad Start Button


  • You can control your Hööp to move to the right or left with the keyboard or a controller that is compatible with XInput.
  • Move your Hööp back and forth to collect basketballs as they fall from the sky.
  • When a ball touches your Hööp, you will score points on the green bar.
  • Your Hööp will wrap to the other side when you go offscreen.
  • As you complete a stage, the time you are given to complete the next decreases by 5%.



HööpsGalöreBeta.zip 206 kB

Install instructions

  1. Unzip folder
  2. Double click .exe

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